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The Virtual Holistic Health Centre is here for one reason only - to make sure you easily create and grow your successful online health and wellness business   WITHOUT WASTING TIME AND MONEY.  


Every single health and wellness practitioner can leverage the power of the internet to help more people and bring in more money.

No matter what kind of practitioner you are, with the Virtual Holistic Health Centre, you can easily create and market an online offering to add value to your existing clients or reach a whole new population who can benefit from your work.

Our Practitioners Reach Their Goals because membership in the VHHC includes:

You will be gently guided every step of the way with our "creation course". It takes you from idea to implementation quickly and easily. It's EVERYTHING you need to successfully create, market and launch your business.

Our motto is "No Practitioner Left Behind"  Weekly coaching, accountability partnerships and an inspired, supportive community of health and wellness practitioners guarantees that you finish what you start.

When you are ready to launch, you will set up on one of the world's most robust knowledge sharing platforms - Kajabi. You will be 100% supported with tech and implementation and be quickly and easily ready to serve.

""Alysa's coaching and her knowledge of coaching and marketing is quite extensive. She really is a champion for your own greatness and shifting you to a new state of being...and that being is online. That is the way things are going. She can support you in transforming your Practice, transitioning your Practice to online and transforming your business"."

Lisa Cipparone
Guelph, Ontario

"I joined VHHC when I had an idea for a wellness initiative and I knew I wouldn't achieve it on my own. The videos and the accountability system are supporting me in clarifying my goals and taking me through a process of getting it ready to go. I'm impressed with Alysa's knowledge, community building and caring which comes through and all with a sense of ease and fun! "

Margo Helman
Jerusalem, Israel

"If you want to have an online business, this would be the first step. It's very hard work but not only is the skill there, the technology there, but in this group you have all the moral support that you could possibly want. Alysa has provided a fantastic platform for people like you, people like me to create world class products that the world is ready to use. "

Elsabe Smit
Pretoria, South Africa

"Alysa is great. She is very endearing. I love her heart. She really cares. Her whole thing is about No Practitioner Left Behind. I love that motto and she is really adamant about that. She gives you little pieces, enough for you to chew on and work on and not feel overwhelmed. You can complete one thing and feel very confident about what you are doing, get it done and then move onto the next thing. "

Shannon Rhett
Las Vegas, Nevada

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